Keiji Takeuchi
NTT Data Institute of Management Consulting, Inc.

Development of an ultra low power wireless communication technology

Increased obsolete social infrastructure will increase the cost of maintenance and renewal, and if tough financial conditions continue, it will be necessary not only to develop necessary social infrastructure but also to maintain and update existing facilities There is a danger of hindering. Furthermore, concerning the aged social infrastructure, unless timely and appropriate maintenance is carried out, there is concern that the risk of serious accidents will increase.
For this reason, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan conducted a project to develop a wireless communication technology that enables sensors to be installed in infrastructure and remote monitoring at all times.
In order to reduce the power consumption of the sensor node as a whole and to extend the operation period and to make the power supply autonomous by the energy harvesting technology, we developed a wireless communication technology whose power consumption is less than 1/1000th of the conventional technology.
In addition, in order to realize efficient data collection and propagation, we have developed a wireless communication control technology that transmits data by interlocking many sensors that greatly simplify communication control information.