Juzar Thingna
University of Luxembourg

Dynamics and thermodynamics of driven open quantum systems using Landau-Zener theory

Common wisdom from the theory of open systems suggests that a system connected to an infinite reservoir can be described by approximate kinetic schemes known as master equations.
In case of autonomous systems, the kinetic description holds as long as the system mixes with several levels of the reservoir. In this work, we investigate the effect of driving on the validity of a kinetic scheme by comparing with exact quantum simulations.
We study the dynamics of a driven spinless quantum dot that moves through a finite sea of autonomous dots (reservoir) and find two distinct regimes wherein kinetic descriptions hold:
1) The dense reservoir regime is like the autonomous Redfield quantum master equation adapted for time-dependent driving;
2) A sparse reservoir regime wherein a kinetic scheme based on the Landau-Zener physics holds. In both cases the master equations describing the dynamics of the system share the same form in the Markovian limit and are fully consistent with stochastic thermodynamics. Our study demonstrates the importance of properly accounting for the system-reservoir interaction energy in the thermodynamic quantities for the agreement between the full and the kinetic descriptions.