Filippo Ambroglini
Wisepower srl

Development of an energetically autonomous system for indoor tracking

This work describes the development of a product energetically autonomous, originally conceived for the indoor tracking of people.
The device is made by a power management unit that use an indoor photovoltaic (PV) and an electromagnetic (EMH) transducer for energy harvesting and a radio transmitter. Both BLE and RFID solutions has been studied and developed. The device communicates with a set of specifics receivers to perform indoor tracking of people or objects or goods.
The device has been developed pursuing the main task of tracking people on indoor, then in this perspective the R&D has been focused on the transducer to convert the kinetic energy that come from human body movement on electrical power.
Experimental results show that once wears by people in an environment with an illuminance level of 150 lx the device is self-sustaining allowing a BLE communication every 20s. The device can operate reducing the communication frequency also with an illuminance level of 75 lx and no motion. A system to manage possible excess of energy have been also implemented in order to allow transmission also in case of temporary absence of environmental energy. The device demonstrates how a tracking device for indoor use is implemented using energy available in the environment.